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"I hate you." "No you don't."

Doctor Who: Why Each Doctor Left the Show

doctor who - amy realises that she's the Doctor's mother-in-law - rory and river song

Hi honey, I'm home. The Doctor and River. They are ADORABLE!

Doctor Who: Eleven of Nine .

The thirteen faces of the Doctor

The Oncoming Storm, The Bringer of Darkness :D | Doctor Who | Doctor Who, 11th doctor, Doctor who funny

Smith's ...

The Thirteenth Doctor revealed - Doctor Who: Trailer - BBC One

I'm ashamed at how long it took me to understand this meant 11 the age not the doctor I read the yes today and understood it today

the impossible astronaut - a pot of coffee , twelve Jammy Dodgers and a fez! - doctor who


The Eleventh Doctor, I loved his outfit in the Christmas special

The episode opens with the Doctor being extra nice to Amy (after the horrible loss of Rory, which she can't even remember). And in his attempt to -- somehow ...

funny-Gallifrey-Holy-TARDIS-tv-show Lol I love him and this may be my new catch phrase!

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"Doctor Who" Dinosaurs on a Spaceship Quotes | Planet Claire Quotes

This isn't a very on-topic entry, I'm afraid, but… yeah.

Interview: Doctor Who: Revolutions of Terror

Doctor Who serial. An old man stands in ceremonial robes. Behind him stands an old woman shielding her

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'It's hard work, Doctor Who, but let's be frank about it, I. '

The 11th Doctor and Jack by digitalruki ...

Doctor Who

Cameron sings the praises of 25 classic and modern Doctor Who adventures that went underappreciated. See what made the cut below.

Doctor Who's Matt Smith: 'Dads love the assistant to be beautiful and sexy' | Daily Mail Online

My mom got me into Doctor Who without even realising it, in some kind of intergenerational fashion butterfly effect. She got a long and randomly stripey ...

Doctor Who Series 11, Ranked

Doctor Who Eleventh Doctor Dress, , hi-res

“Doctor Who” fans were saddened this weekend to learn that Matt Smith is departing the TARDIS for the last time, stepping down as the 11th Doctor in time ...

Doctor Who Confidential - The 13th Doctor by DoctorWhoOne ...

Tenth Doctor

First impressions ...

Doctor Who Jodie Whittaker

Doctor Who: The Eleventh Doctor #2.11 - "The Organ Grinder"

Peter Capaldi makes his eagerly-awaited debut as the Twelfth Doctor ...

Couch Potato Chronicles: OK, Eleventh Doctor, You Win (Part 2: "The Lodger")

Doctor Who companion has been cast and is 'a very different take' according to Peter Capaldi

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Doctor Who - Don't Touch The Doctor's Scarf

The Infinite Doctor- the annotated version! by PaulHanley ...

It had been severely damaged by the sheer force of the Doctor's regeneration, and it didn't merely land in Pond's backyard.

Yeah, I'll sleep more, but no one will be screaming when I walk into a room full of people dressed in fezzes." When taking the role of the Doctor ...

Top 10 One-Time Doctor Who Companions

Doctor Who - 50th anniversary

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Doctor Who season 11 news: Filming pictures reveal episode spoilers amid new series twist

Not Saying I'm The Doctor Womens T-Shirt


The next Doctor for Doctor Who

Peter Capaldi portrays the Twelfth Doctor.

The Year of the Doctor: The Tenth Doctor

Yesterday ...

Source: http://fansided.com/2013/12/26/doctor-eleventh-doctor -regenerates-twelfth-appears-video/#!CMVAe

matt smith eleventh doctor

I'm Not Saying I'm the Doctor Kids ...

Doctor Who Trump Card Game 1978

Doctor Who: The Eleventh Doctor #2.3 - "Pull To Open"

Doctor Who

Things happen when you're away. Thankfully nobody died, or at least nobody I'd have wanted to write about, but I did miss the Episode IX announcement, ...

Doctor Who

Doctor Who Amy Rory wedding

... Doctor' Fanvid about Thirteen! + Louise Jameson and Rachel Talalay to Announced to Appear at Wholanta ...

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Two Daleks are seen on a toy shelf in Rugrats.

Time Traveler Birthday Party.

Doctor Who: revisiting The Stolen Earth/Journey's End at 10

Here's a pet hate. Can we please have an embargo on 'Rule one'? Rule one only applies for series 6, and even then it's inconsistent, given that its most ...


Doctor Who Eleventh Doctor Dress, , alternate

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Dinosaur Doctor Who Kids T-Shirt

doctor who outfit - eleventh doctor style (matt smith) I'm not into fashion that much but this is cute

Doctor Who Recap: Hide

Doctor Who fans in furious online debate after Jodie Whittaker confirmed as first female Doctor

The Ghost Monument

The Eleventh Doctor continues the knitting tradition

Doctor Who: The Official Cookbook: 40 Wibbly-Wobbly Timey-Wimey Recipes: Joanna Farrow: 9780062455628: Amazon.com: Books

Review of Doctor Who S5 Ep1: Eleventh Hour

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doctor who peter capaldi

Doctor and Llama TARDIS Cosplay

Who is the 12th Doctor exactly? I'm not sure that I'm any the wiser than I was in Deep Breath.

Doctor Who The Day of the Doctor book cover.jpg

Actress Jodie Whittaker star of the new series "Broadchurch" on the BBC America cable

... Doctor' that I'm attending on Monday Nov 25th at the Regal Hollywood 24 in Chamblee, GA! (Not sure if its sold out!)

Doctor Who: The Eleventh Doctor #2.12 - "Kill God"

Doctor Who has sadly in the last 3 or so years begun to pander to third wave feminists, like many other forms of popular entertainment.

“I'm The Doctor… the original, you might.